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24/7 service through COVID-19

If you are a Victorian Business, currently experiencing COVID-19 STAGE 4 restrictions, and are an essential service, all our staff are available 24/7 to assist you and your staff with cleaning and hygiene management.

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We offer a great range of Services to cater for your needs

Commercial Office Cleaning

After hours cleaning, daily rubbish removal and bin lining, all full surface disenfecting and wiping, emmaculate vaccuming, air refreshing, very careful cleaning of office equipment such as telephones, computers and monitors and careful re positioning of shop products.

Industrial Cleaning & Maintenance

Wipe down of all machinery, high-pressure water cleaning, and grease, ink and paint removal. We are very adept at removing all other residues from industrial equipment and machinery. All floor and carpet cleaning and spotless moping and floor polishing is a standard of our service.

Residential Cleaning and Maintenance Service

24 Hour seamless cleaning service, while occupied by residents or during a vacancy. Our vacate cleaning includes complete floor and wall cleaning, rubbish removal and disposal and ongoing cleaning and maintenance that includes gardening.

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