Pathogen and Contamination Control.

Due to the recent virus pandemic, the year 2020 has been worrisome to the entire human race, but none more than so for operating businesses that rely on their public and social environments. On January 8, 2020, a novel Coronavirus was officially announced as the causative pathogen of COVID-19 by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Confirmed modes of viral transmission are primarily, but not exclusively, contact with contaminated environmental surfaces and aerosolization.
It is unclear if the world will become the same again, however, what is clear is that prevention is better than the cure. Therefore, infection control measures are necessary to prevent the virus from further spreading and to help control this worldwide health hazard. During the re-opening of Victorian (Australia) public venues, all businesses and organizations should hire qualified Industrial Cleaning Services such as E C Cleaning and Maintenance. We understand the immense pressure companies and corporate bodies have to keep all their staff and patrons safe and also feeling well secured against an invisible threat that can be present unknowingly at any given moment.

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We encourage all our Australian business clients to remind their staff to continuously wash their hands and utensils/tools and or to wear industrial grade gloves during operation. The recommendation is to use alcohol-based materials such as foam with an alcohol by volume of 60-70% with washing. You can achieve staff awareness by posting notices around work areas and also reminding them during announcements. Keeping the work environment well ventilated with fresh air in busy and occupied interiors is a natural way to fight off pathogens and exposing it to degradation by the elements.
You can support these control measures by ensuring regular cleaning with industrial-grade professionals. We at EC Cleaning Services use the best quality chemicals that are biodegradable. The approach to pathogen and contamination management differs and is dependent on the pathogen. With the latest virus threat, EC Cleaning relies on our well-trained staff to thoroughly wipe down and disinfect all surfaces while minimizing the aerosolization of containment particles during the cleaning process itself. Our staff themselves are equipped with masks and suitable attire to prevent self-contamination. They are well aware of their duty to comply with our safety procedures to ensure their safety as well as the great regard to your company and staff in the same manner.
Chemical disinfectants inactivate pathogens by chemically degrading their building blocks or disrupting their metabolism. In addition, both the disinfectant concentration throughout the treatment, as well as the duration of the disinfection treatment (exposure time) are important parameters determining the disinfection efficiency. The green biodegradable chemical disinfectants EC Cleaning Services uses is active against a wide range of pathogens while keeping all your surfaces bright and shiny without deterioration to surfaces itself.
An epidemic, or outbreak, can occur when several aspects of the agent (pathogen), population (hosts), and the environment create an ideal situation for spread. Infectious agents are plentiful, mutate rapidly, and can become resistant to drugs if not destroyed completely. We are also well capable of handling emergency pathogen outbreaks where businesses have entered lockdown. In these situations, extra precautions are taken by our staff and risk assessment is communicated thoroughly to all that are concerned.


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