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In his approaching retirement, the EC Cleaning Services Managing Director, Stephen Gamage has been in the Aged Care cleaning industry for well over fifteen years. Being a loving son of dearly missed parents, he has a very personal interest in elderly care. He often participates or organizes charitable donations and helps out the elderly frequently.
“I want these people who need the most love and attention, to be treated the way I wanted to be treated, with dignity, kindness, and respect. Keeping their living place clean is a great way to convey their importance to us.”

We love our eldery people!

“I think Child Care and Elderly Care are quite similar in some respect as these particular ages are when, understanding people are required around us.”
As Stephen contemplates his own retirement and his parents’ lives, he understands the way Elderly Care facilities need that special understanding and know-how that he passes on to all of his staff who often have stories of very talkative and giving elderly residents.
“Some of them don’t like their things touched, and some are very particular about the way we have to handle their things if need be. So, I educate all my staff to take care of such services in the most delicate manner.”
Getting the job done in excellent order while making the cleaners visit a very pleasant experience is our natural way of service. In the odd while, Stephen recounts the moments of meeting elderly people who have lost touch with our sense of reality as we see it, and working around them efficiently is a particular skill that he has acquired over the years.
“As I am nearing retirement in the next 10 years, I want to see my company helping out more in the elderly community and keep giving a great service to our Elderly Care clients. Giving the elderly our time for their contribution to our society is the least we can do, in their time of need.”

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