Child Care Centre Cleaning Management for 15 Years

In our 15 years of Child Care Management in the Dandenong area, Victoria, the majority of centres we have dealt with are doing an excellent job of maintaining good hygiene and safety standards in Victoria.
The biggest concerns we have had are related to ensuring dangerous products, plants, and objects are inaccessible to children at the centre. As children are very interactive and ‘hands-on’ in their environment, it is crucial to not only wipe down surfaces and regularly de-contaminate them, but to use eco-friendly, green cleaning products that are harmless to children.
That is why we have adopted a green eco-friendly approach to our whole cleaning regime. Encouraging good hygiene in early learning services helps children to develop lifelong positive hygiene habits, and also helps reduce the risk of cross-infection between children and adults.

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To begin with, presenting children a pristine and clean place to learn and play in, trains their young minds to understand that
“this is how a place should be, clean, neat and tidy.”
Often kids will mimic their environment with themselves and at home.
Children are the most precious thing to parents and ensuring parents have peace of mind knowing that their children are in a safe and hygienic environment daily is the needed confidence for them to keep children at a centre. Daily, after-hours, full cleaning is recommended for all centres and is a service provided by us at E C Cleaning.
While the recent virus pandemic has shut down much of Melbourne and Victoria as of date, the current advice from the Victorian Chief Health Officer is that Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) services remain safe places for staff and children.
Nevertheless, our staff and team are specially trained to completely clean and disinfect your centre primarily focusing our attention on eliminating the Corona Virus. For more information regarding this, please read Pathogen & Contamination Control.


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